NEWS will be opening a Classic x15!
Open Beta - September 15, 20:00 GMT +2
Grand Opening - September 22, 20:00 GMT +2
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Development Phase
We have been developing our Classic project, and is soon ready to be released to the public!
Beta Stage (September 15, 20:00 GMT +2)
During this time, players can enter and test the server and report issues and suggestions.
Grand Opening (September 22, 20:00 GMT +2)
The server has officially opened and players can log in and compete for the top! We hope you enjoy!
Giran Siege
The first Giran Siege will be held one week after the Grand Opening.
Olympiad Games
The first Olympiad period will be held two weeks after the Grand Opening.
Anticipate a continuous array of engaging events orchestrated by our administration throughout the server.
Prepare for thrilling tournaments featuring incredible prizes, set to take place throughout the server.
Server Timeline

How to Connect:Your legend starts here
Step 1
Install the Game Client
Our game is operated using the Assassin (418) Game Client. We recommend you to download our client in order to avoid issues when entering the game.

While your client is downloading, we recommend that you visit our features section to learn about our Classic Remastered.
Last Updated: August 20 (1.0)
Step 2
Install our Game Patch
Download the archive with the patch, unzip it to the root folder of the game.

Install our Game Updater

Last Updated: August 28 (OBT)
Step 3
Get ready to play
After downloading our game client and ensuring it's up to date, please remember to run the updater for the latest files. Also, don't forget to create a game account before logging into the game!
1. Extract the client into an empty directory on your computer.
2. Extract the patch to your client folder or the Updater in your main folder (where Maps, SysTextures are). The updater must be in the main folder in order to function correctly.
3. Register a Master Account and a Game Account in order to connect to the server by clicking here.
4. Now you can start playing by entering through the l2.exe or our Updater.
5. If you're looking to immerse yourself in our community, stay updated with the latest news, and connect with fellow players, join our Discord server by clicking here.