New Lineage 2 private servers

Are you bored with the current state of Lineage II? Ever long to bring back the golden glow of nostalgia back into the present? (Gludio x5) is here for you! Explore our world of wonders and relive the golden days of Lineage II in a new, friendly environment with much to conquer and discover!

Important Dates:
Closed Beta Test
May 20 (Invite Only)
Open Beta
May 27, 20:00 GMT +2
Grand Opening
June 10, 20:00 GMT +2
Our Philosophy

And now we will introduce you to our brainchild and how we transformed the game!
We will tell you who it is for and how to get new emotions from the old world!

О чем эта игра?
A Homage to Lineage II

As previous players and enthusiasts, we have came with our vision to bring you a Lineage II Emulator experience like never before! Gludio x5 offers the best experience of the Classic version on the market with our own twist to guarantee surprises and balance.

Modern versions of Classic have become confusing and overloaded with things that are not authentically Lineage II. Here we believe that Classic should be what it is, refreshing the familiar!

Реворк баф-системы и баланса
Fully Reworked Buffs and Balance

We've reworked the entire buff system and equipment balance to make the game more streamlined and modern. Our reworked buff system allows for more strategic compositions and ease of use.

Along with the reworked buff system are changes to classes such as Bladedancer, Swordsinger and Summoners to make sure that gameplay is balanced for everybody. We have also toned certain classes and skills to not feel too overbearing when playing as or against.

Клан не функция — клан это семья
Improved Raids System

Raid Bosses take on a whole new meaning with the addition of Raid Points and Epic Craft to reward players of all sorts for participation and conquering of raid bosses. New raids of level 81 and 82 have also been added for increased competition. Challenge the Ant Queen, Orfen, Core, Baium, Zaken, Antharas and more along with daily scheduled Field Bosses!

Reworked Zones and Map

The vast continent of Aden holds many curious zones and endeavors for the bravest explorers! New zones such as Primeval Isle, Varka Silenos Stronghold, Ketra Orc Outpost, Wall of Argos, Forge of Gods and Imperial Tomb have been opened for high level players in order to obtain A-Grade equipment.

Explore the world, conquer your foes and reap the rewards!

A Glimpse Of Our World

One glance is enough to compare what the game was once and how it was transformed in the realities of Gludio x5!
We bring the Classic experience to you in its greatest form with more player friendly mechanics and ideas!

You won't be bored!

Do you remember this feeling when you enter the game and don't know what to do?
We solved this problem and created a cyclical schedule of events on our server!!

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
16:00 - - - - - - -
17:00 - - - - - - -
18:00 - - - - Olympiad Olympiad -
19:00 - - - - - - -
20:00 Zaken Zaken Zaken Zaken Antharas - Gludio Siege
21:00 Queen Ant Core Orfen Baium - - -
22:00 Field Bosses Field Bosses Field Bosses Field Bosses Field Bosses Field Bosses Field Bosses

(Schedules are not set in stone, they may be changed accordingly)

Questions and answers

We combine elements from Zaken, Antharas, and Secret of Empire with some of our own content on a new, modern client.

No, we will not have Kamaels. Our concept revolves around the earlier concepts of Classic and to have a server on how the game would have been if Kamaels were not introduced.

Yes. We believe auto-farm is a key feature in all modern servers. Playing with your party and farming manually is of course more rewarding, however auto-farm allows solo players to develop their characters easier and saves them from carpel tunnel.

We will have a buffer which will be accessible via UI (Game Assistant) and Alt+B. Shops will be up to low B-Grade through Luxury Shop merchants in Giran.

A bonus of +25% to Exp./SP/Adena/Drop/Spoil is applied to all characters on your account.

We can not guarantee that the latency will be as good as your native continent however we will have proxies all across the world. You can select them via server select after you enter your login information.

No, we are a emulator that is delivering our concept of Lineage II Classic to you. We are not official server and we are not following their content and features. We strive to deliver a high quality project which will make you forget that you are playing on a private server. Our team features seasoned professionals which will handle all content releases and updates.

  • This server is an emulator of the Lineage 2 game. You can play the official version
    of the game Lineage 2 on the servers of NCSoft/Innova. Game servers under GNU General Public License GPLv3.
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